WHS Pregnancy Welcome Packet: Pre/During/Post-Delivery

[accordions title=”Pre/During/Post-Delivery” active=1 event=”click” disabled=false autoheight=false] [accordion title=”Choosing a Doctor for Baby”]You will need to decide on a doctor for your baby’s care by the time you deliver.  This is usually a pediatrician or a family practice doctor.  The hospital will send your baby’s information and test results to your chosen doctor.  Your baby is commonly seen within 1 week after birth by his/her doctor.  There are many excellent doctors in our area to choose from.  You will need to contact the doctor’s office prior to delivery and make sure they are accepting your insurance and are taking new patients.  We can provide you with a list of doctors if you have trouble locating one. If you have not chosen a doctor by the time you are delivered, your baby will be seen and examined by the on call pediatrician at the hospital.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Pain relief in Labor”]There are many options to provide pain relief while you are in labor.  We are supportive of whatever you choose.  Common options include:

  • Episiotomy
  • Forceps/Vacuum
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Cesarean Section”] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)”] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Influenza Vaccine”] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Circumcision”] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Umbilical Cord banking”] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Overdue Babies/Inductions”] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Postpartum Depression”] [/accordion] [/accordions]