Childbirth Education Class

We deliver babies EXCLUSIVELY at Piedmont-Henry Hospital.  A doctor is “on call” for our practice at all times.  We currently share call with 1 other practice and the call group will be discussed at your first visit.  The “on call” doctor and/or midwife will take care of you in labor, delivery and after delivery as well as respond to any of your emergency calls after office hours.  Your doctors take turns being on call and call begins at 5PM until 8AM the following morning. You are welcome to meet all of the doctors in our practice during your prenatal care, but you do not have to see everyone in our group. We also have 2 nurse midwives who work beside us at the hospital and in the office.  They both perform vaginal deliveries and provide care before and after deliveries.

We encourage you to pre-register at Piedmont-Henry Hospital BEFORE you are in labor as this will make admitting you to the hospital much easier.  You can register online at or by going to the hospital out-patient registration area.

Women’s Health Specialists offers a one evening Childbirth Education Class

Our midwife, Laura Wallace also offers Birthing Classes every month to our patients. This is a comprehensive class and includes information on the birthing process and breastfeeding as well as a tour of the labor and delivery floor at the hospital.  Please inquire at your prenatal visits if you are interested in taking this class.

There is also information on baby care and breastfeeding provided by the hospital. We especially encourage you to consider these if you are a first time parent.

Class is usually held on the second Friday evening of each month.

The Childbirth Class discusses:
•    The last three months of pregnancy- common discomforts and possible complications
•    How to determine if labor has started or the bag of waters is leaking
•    Breathing and relaxation techniques for early labor and for those desiring natural childbirth
•    Epidural anesthesia- how it works
•    Cesarean section and the reasons it becomes necessary
•    What to expect in the hospital after delivery

The class concludes with a tour of the Maternity Units at Piedmont Henry Hospital.

For further information and to register email Laura Wallace at