Emergency Pregnancy Warning Signs

During pregnancy you may experience different signs and symptoms as your body adjusts to the growing uterus. Sometimes these symptoms may become potential emergencies during pregnancy.  These symptoms include:

•    Vaginal bleeding: spotting bright or dark red blood, passing clots of any size
•    Visual problems: blurriness or seeing spots
•    Severe headaches: not relieved by sleep or Tylenol
•    Severe or continuous vomiting and/or diarrhea for greater than 48 hours
•    Fever: Temperature above 101° F for greater than 24 hours
•    Urinary problems: burning, urgency, painful urination
•    Severe swelling: in legs, face or hands
•    Abdominal or epigastric (just below the ribs) pain
•    Sudden weight gain of more than 5 pounds in three days
•    Decrease or significant change in the baby’s movements

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please call the office immediately at 770-474-0064 between the hours of 9 am- 4 pm, Monday through Friday. After hours and on weekends your call will transfer to the emergency line and the on call physician will be paged.