Fetal Movement Counts

How to Track Your Baby’s Movements

Tracking the baby’s movement patterns after 28 weeks of pregnancy is nature’s way for a pregnant woman to know her baby is doing well and the placenta (afterbirth) is continuing to provide the oxygen and food to the baby.

While reclining or sitting become aware of when the baby starts moving. Note the time. After the baby has moved ten times, note the time again. Do this once a day.

Please use directions and the table below as a guide.
•    Write down the time you start.
•    Make a check mark after the start time each time your baby kicks, twists, or turns.
•    After your baby has moved 10 times, write down the time again.

If the baby does not move at least ten times within two hours from when you started counting please call the office 770-474-0064.  If it is after office hours your call will be transferred to the emergency line and the doctor on call will be paged.

Below is an example of the chart. Click here to download your own Fetal Movement Count Table.pdf